Our compact telehandlers are great in smaller areas  where versatility is key. The 5 metre JCB 524-50 machine features two range hydrostatic drive as well as a 52 degree steer angle whilst the larger JCB 531-70 telehandler provides a 3.1 tonne lift capacity.

Popular mid-range telehandlers such as the JCB 533-105 and JCB 535-125 are ideal for house building or warehouse construction jobs and provide additional operator safety with hydraulic stabiliser legs. The larger 14 metre and 17.5 metre models are perfectly suited to more demanding site applications, featuring a four stage boom and heavy duty stabilisers with chassis levelling.

We also have a number of telehandler attachments available to hire including buckets and shovels, hydraulic brushes, hydraulic roof truss booms, tipping skip attachments and extension forks.

4m to 10.5m Telehandler Hire

These compact telehandlers offer all the benefits of a skid steer loader in confined areas but with the advantage of a much smoother ride for the operator, with or without a load.

Features include two range hydrostatic drive, one for travel and one for on site.
The 52 degree steer angle on both axles provide a tight inside turning radius of only three metres in all wheel steer mode, other steering modes are crab and front only.

Weight: 5500kg
Max Payload: 2.4 tonnes
Max Lift Height: 5.3m
Length: (ex forks) 3.9m
Width: 2m
Height: (overall) 2.1m
Oustide Turn Radius: 3.0m
Tyres: 12.5/80×18
Fuel: Diesel
Tank Capacity: 75 litres
Noise: (operators ear) 76LP(A)

12.5m to 17m Telehandler Hire

These versatile telehandlers provide additional operator safety as they are fitted with hydraulic stabiliser legs for improved stability. With a maximum lift height of 12.3 metres and max payload of 3.5 tonnes, the popular 535-125 models are perfect for house building or warehouse construction jobs. Our HiViz models feature improved operator visibility for additional safety.

Attachments available include roof truss booms, sweeper attachments and buckets for loading and shovelling.

Weight: 9140kg / 10880kg
Max Payload: 3.5 tonnes
Max Lift Height: 12.3m
Length: (ex forks) 5.84m / 5.80m
Width: 2.35m
Height: (overall) 2.59m
Outside Turn Radius: 4.0m / 3.75m
Tyres: 15.5/80-24
Fuel: Diesel
Tank Capacity: 125 litres / 146 litres
Noise: (operators ear) 75LP(A)

Buckets, Shovels and Attachments

Ideal for shifting or loading applications, these buckets can be easily fitted to any JCB telehandler using the Q Fit system