Spider Boom Lift Hire

Suitable for working indoors our outside, our range of spider boom lifts for hire have non-marking rubber tracks making them a great choice for sensitive situations – such as hospitals, schools and retail environments. The bi-fuel power supply of our spider booms – make them an efficient choice for any project. The versatile working footprint of spider boom lifts mean thye can be used in a variety of situations and terrains.

Capable of working at heights of between 15m to 34m – spider boom hire is available in two styles. Articulated and Telescopic. Telescopic spider booms have a straight up and down lift, where as articulated spider booms can reach in and out as well. Making them a good choice for manoeuvring around objects and buildings. Our Spider Boom Lifts are supplied with a fully qualified/experienced operator.

Spider Access Platform Hire

Falcon Spider Lift access platforms are versatile narrow access platforms that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The narrow chassis and variable working width – mean the spider boom lift can be positioned on or over obstacles – for working at heights of up to 29 meters.

Tracked Spider Lift Hire

Tracked Spider Access platforms – provide access over rough terrain and offer a working height of up to 30 meters – either indoor or outdoor. Based on a versatile caterpillar tracked base – this bi-fuel platform offers variable jacking heights. This compact bi-fuel platform is built on a versatile caterpillar tracked base offering variable jacking.