Scissor Lifts

NatHire’s range of Scissor Lifts for hire provide a working height range of between 19ft – 53ft. Comprising of electric scissor lifts and diesel scissor lifts for hire. Designed with customers in mind; our machines have been developed to meet any challenge. We have scissor lifts that are capable of fitting through narrow doorways, can navigate uneven ground – and if necessary have interchangeable tyres that can be switched with anti-mark tyres – great for indoor use or in sensitive environments – such as hospitals and schools.

Electric Scissor Lift Hire

Our range of Electric Scissor Lifts for hire are self-propelled scissor lifts – a pendant control allows all lift and drive functions to be carried out by the operator from the platform – whilst the platform is elevated.  Only one person should use the scissor lift when it is used externally. The lift should not be used if the wind speed exceeds 28mph. Our electric scissor lift hire includes units capable of a working height between 7.8m to 11.8m.




Diesel Scissor Lift Hire

Diesel scissor lifts for hire are capable of working at heights between 9.8m to 18.2m. Designed for lifting and manoeuvring over rough terrain; complete with outriggers for stability, a heavy duty diesel engine, rough terrain wheel and an extending platform for multiple workers.




Specialist Electric Scissor Lift Hire

For working at heights over 12m – our range of specialist electric scissor lifts for hire are suitable.

Specialist Diesel Scissor Lift Hire

Capable of reaching heights of up to 34m and being able to cope with rough terrain; our specialist range of diesel-powered scissor lifts are great for larger outdoor projects.