Low Level Access Equipment

NatHire’s range of low level equipment hire has been developed and introduced since the introduction of recent legilsation including the ‘Working at Heigh Regulations 2005′. Our low level equipment generally includes machines capable of working at heights of up to 5 meters, on a flat solid surface such as slabs or tarmac and be used internally.

No More Ladders and Step Ladders

Traditionally this type of access would have been conducted using ladders or step ladders. Low level access equipment has been developed due to the large volume of accidents that occurred during the use and application of ladders and step ladders. Access equipment such as Peco units and Powered Towers – are a much safer, more productive method of working.

Low level access equipment is generally split into two groups – both of which are available to hire from NatHire. Push Around Platforms and Self-Propelled Platforms.

Low Level Equipment can be used in a variety of environments including large, medium and small construction projects. Shopfitting and retail shop fit outs – dry lining, glazing and internal cladding. For non construction projects – low level access equipment hire can be useful for a variety of environments including hospitals for cleaning and maintenance, retail for stock picking, stock takes, etc. Alternatively powered towers and peco units can be extremely useful in airports and other transport environments.

Peco Hire – Powered Access Lift Hire

Providing fast and efficient low level access – this eco access lift features a unique wind up mast – which means no need for a power source or batteries. Featuring an auto-lock mechanism that activates on use ensuring the lift cannot be moved when in use. Thanks to its green credentials, this is a popular choice in delicate areas such as hospitals, offices and retail with no chance of a battery or hydraulic oil leak. The Peco can be used up to a working height of 3.5 meters, and weighing only 180kg with a small footprint – it fits through a standard doorway and is easy to manoeuvre.

Peco Key Features

  • Working Height: 3.5m
  • Small Footprint (975mm x 700mm)
  • Low weight -180kg
  • Small closed platform height (280mm)
  • Fully guarded with anti-movement auto brake

Self Propelled Low Level Platform Hire

Offering speed and efficiency in many environments including light maintenance, inspection and cleaning. Cable of working up to heights of 4.5 meters; these self propelled low level access equipment only has a weight of 478kg and a small footprint of 750mm x 1200mm. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use – extending deck which is suitable for reaching over obstructions.

Self Propelled Low Level Platform Key Features

  • Rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Only weighs 478kg – suitable for use on raised flooring (Kingspan approved)
  • Can be transported on a standard 500kg trailer
  • Compact footprint (750mm x 1200mm)
  • Working Height: 4.5m

Power Tower Hire

A powered lift solution that is slim enough to fit through a standard doorway – providing a working height of 5.1 meters. Suitable for light repair, maintenance and installation projects indoors. Easily manoeuvred into position; and designed with safety in mind. Including an auto-breaking system and harness anchor point.

A low level access solution slim enough to fit through a standard doorway yet offering a generous platform height of 3.1m. Ideal for all indoor light repair, maintenance and installation tasks.

Power Tower Key Features

  • Dual voltage battery charger
  • Push around unit
  • Harness anchor point
  • Auto-breaking system
  • Working Height: 5.1m