Kerb Lifting Equipment

We have a range of kerb lifting equipment for hire here at NatHire. Our battery operated kerb lifting equipment will last one working day with one charge, great for smaller jobs. For larger jobs our petrol kerb lifters are capable of lifting up to one tonne; whilst our jumbo petrol kerb lifters can carry a complete pack of kerbs – easily installing up to 300 meters per day. For fast, precise laying of kerbs our diesel kerb lifters can be attached to our backhoe loaders, forklifts or tele handlers. We also have a selection of kerb lifting equipment to hire including 45 degree, round 350mm, and adjustable radius curved.

Battery Kerb Lifter For Hire

Alvac Handyman and Alvac Handyman Mobile

One charge lasts the whole day. These battery operated kerb lifters, when used in conjunction with a lifting arm on an excavator or handyman mobile trolley can be operated by two people (regulations permitting), making light work of smaller tasks or re-instatement jobs.





Petrol Kerb Lifter For Hire

Our range of petrol kerb lifters for hire can be easily mounted onto the arm of an excavator and have a lifting capacity of up to one tonne. Suitable for larger jobs.






Jumbo Petrol Kerb Lifter For Hire

Our jumbo petrol kerb lifters provide an extremely efficient kerb installation solution. Smooth and quick suction, lifting, lowering and laying of kerb stones. Capable of carrying a complete pack of kerb stones and can easily install up to 300meters per day.



Diesel Kerb Lifter For Hire

Our diesel kerb lifters can be mounted onto a backhoe loader, forklift or telehandler for fast and precise lifting and laying of kerb stones and slabs on long stretches. For easy transportation these units can be mounted onto purpose built trailers.



Kerb Lifting Head Attachments

We have a range of kerb lifting attachments for hire. Please enquire for suitability with our range of lifters.