Heating, Drying & Cooling

From air conditioning units to spaceheaters. Our range of heating, drying and cooling equipment for hire are suitable for both domestic and commercial customers alike.  Spaceheaters can be great way to efficently warm up an area; our spaceheaters for hire feature an automatic safety cut out device and are either diesel or paraffin powered. The compact dehumidifiers that we have for hire are perfect for industrial jobs or drying out rooms after small leaks, decorating or plastering.

Air Conditioner For Hire


Ideal for use in the home, industrial or work settings our range of air conditioning units are suitable for moisture sensitive environments. Our units remove and replace warm air to achieve a comfortable temperature. Automatic timers can be programmed to make office environments comfortable before members of staff arrive.



Dehumidifier For Hire


Great for domestic or commercial use our dehumidifiers are fitted with an integral water collecting tank and automatically cut out when full. Compact and ideal for drying out rooms after decorating, small leaks or plastering.




Space Heater Hire

Our range of direct fuel heaters are ideal for quickly heating workplaces and large open spaces such as warehouses and containers. Automatic safety cut out devices are fitted to our range of spaceheaters for peace of mind. Diesel or paraffin powered, it is important that these spaceheaters and direct fuel heaters are placed in areas with good ventilation as moisture is added to the air through air.



Electric & Infra Red Heater Hire


Our 2.8kW mobile radiant heaters are extremely versatile. Housing 2 x 1.4kW infra-red emitters that can be controlled individually from the control at the rear of the heater. Unaffected by air movement around the heater – so that no heat is lost through drafts. Electric radiators and 3-phase blow heaters are also available for hire.



Cooling Fan Hire


These cooling fans can be used in a home, work or industrial environment. From Hi-Level power fans to pedestal mount fans – our selection of cooling fans for hire are perfect for any situation. No power on site? No problem, our self powered fans could be the answer – ideal for warehouses or empty units.