Grinders, Cutters & Saws

Here at NatHire we have a range of grinders, cutters and saws for hire suitable for a variety of jobs in any environment. Our 14″ and 18″ petrol floor saws are ideal for continuous cutting and have the flexibility of adjustable cutting depths. Our portable cut off saws are ideal for cutting through a range of materials such as asphalt, bricks, concrete and metal. Other saws and cutters available for hire including jigsaws, wall chasers, circular saws, flip, bench, mitre and reciprocating saws.

12″ Cut Off Saw Hire

Capable of cutting a range of materials including asphalt, bricks, concrete and metal. This easy to use saw only weighs 9.4kg, it is fuelled by a 2-stroke unleaded mix, and uses 300mm discs (giving a cutting depth of 100mm). A pressurised water tank attachment is available for these portable cutters allowing for dust free masonry cutting with our diamond blades.




14″ / 18″ Floorsaw Hire

Our range of petrol floorsaws include features such as adjustable depths of cut and water tank for dust free cutting. These robust compact saws have been used extensively within the cable and utility industries. Suitable for continuous cutting through materials such as asphalt, bricks, concrete and metal.




Angle Grinder Hire

We have a range of angle grinders for hire including Hilti 125 and 230 grinders as well as cordless angle grinders. Suitable for a variety of applications – our grinders are ideal for cutting or slitting materials such as concrete or stone, but can also be useful for cutting, smoothing and grinding metals. Use these grinders with diamond cutting or grinding discs for maximum efficiency, whilst keeping dust to a minimum.




Jigsaw Hire

Whether cutting lines in wood or cutting curves into metal and plastic sheeting, our range of powerful jigsaws for hire ensure complete accuracy and control. Don’t have a power source? No problem, our selection of cordless jigsaws perform to the same high standards as our electric jig saws providing great versatility anywhere on site.




Wall Chaser Hire

Our selection of professional wall chasers for hire provide recoil free cutting of deep and wide slots into masonry, stone and concrete. Ideal slitting tool for installing electric cables and conduit into bricks, concrete and masonry. 150m/hr cutting capability for high levels of productivity.




Circular Saw Hire

The perfect choice for fast, accurate straight-line cutting in timber materials such as plywood, blockboard and MDF. Riving knife and guide fence included; alongside an easily adjustable sole-plate for bevelled cuts.





Reciprocating Saw Hire

We have electric reciprocating saws and cordless reciprocating saws for hire. These multi-purpose saws are perfect for everyday use in general construction, joinery and carpentry. Ideal for cutting wooden beams, general timber, wood with nails or construction plastic that needs to be broken up. Our cordless saws are perfect for plumbers, heating engineers, and joiners. Combining power and versatility.


Bench Saw Hire

Our range of bench saws for hire include bench tile saws, which are great for cutting tiles in bulk. They produce a clean, accurate cut every time for tiles of all shapes and sizes. Also included in our bench saw range we have electric bench saws for wood and masonry – designed with transportation in mind. They have fold up legs and travel wheels. Whilst the ergonomic design of the saw ensures comfort for the user. We also have available petrol bench saws for hire specifically for masonry cutting.



Flip Saw Hire



Lightweight flipsaws are ideal because of their ease of transportation. Ergonomically designed with the user in mind; the operator can use this machine in comfort. Highly accurate our flipsaws for hire start off slowly maintaining a steady pace whilst cutting.



Mitre Saw & Crosscut Saw Hire



If you have a job that requires a lot of accurate bevels and mitres that require cutting then look no further than our range of crosscut and mitre saws for hire. Carpenter, joiner, kitchen or shop fitter – these versatile saws are perfect. Pre-set stops for the most common angles and through the use of the telescopic arm – wide materials can be cut with ease.. The tilting head allows compound mitres.