Whatever size your project if you need power on site – we’ve got the solution for you. Our smaller 2-8kVA electric start generators and 10kVA generators provide a portable, durable power source ideal for power tools where the ability to move around the site is essential. If you are looking for something more substantial, our container generators and canopy generators provide between 20kVA – 1260kVA and come complete with integral bunded fuel tanks.

For more secure sites we have secure generators housed in anti-vandal containers. These secure generators for hire provide between 27 – 75kVA. A selection of our generators for hire are also silenced and road-towable. We have a range of consumables for hire, such as distribution boxes, RCD units and transformers as well as extension cables.

2-8kVA Generator Hire

Our range of 2-8kVA generators are electric start and are built to an extremely high specification. We understand the importance of compliance with noise regulations, so all units are fitted with noise absorbent cowling and silenced within a fully enclosed acoustic cabinet.

10kVA Generator Hire

Designed and built with the consumer and environment in mind.  As with our 2-8kVA generators our 10kVA generators for hire have a silenced engine meaning they can be used in almost any environment. Diesel powered generators with an average runtime of around 13 hours.

20-500kVA Canopy Generators Hire

Provide instant power to your site with a durable and weatherproof canopied generator. These versatile canopied generators are available from 20 – 350kVA and have integral bunded fuel tanks. These canopy generators are diesel powered and have an average runtime between 8 – 49 hours.

800 – 1260kVA Container Generator Hire

For sites where a larger power supply is required NatHire have ISO container generators for hire. These larger generators provide between 800kVA to 1260kVA. Each of our container generators have an integral bunded fuel tank – and is available with a range of ancillary equipment.

Secure Generators or Hire

For sites where security is vital – we have a selection of secure generators for hire. These 27 – 75kVA generators are housed within its own anti-vandal cabin.