General Building Equipment

Our general building tools for hire are a great addition to any tool kit. Ideal for domestic or commercial use and suitable for a range of applications. Our range of general building equipment for hire includes cable detectors, cobra wheels, pressure washers, tool stores, paver transport carts and much more.

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and efficient site – so in addition to our building tools for hire we have a range of ground protection equipment for hire. These options include bog mats, road plates and trench guards. In addition to these grass protection systems, we have our versatile ground guard system; this unique system can easily be laid and locked in place providing an “instant footpath or road”.

Cable Detector Hire

Our lightweight cable detectors for hire make locating underground cables a simple and efficient task. Locating conductive services by receiving their electromagnetic signals that are automatically generated; cable detectors increase on-site safety and save time and money. Capable of searching for electromagnetic signals to a depth of 3m – our EZiCAT i500 has a battery life of around 40 hours using 6 x AA batteries.




Pallet Truck Hire & Paver Transport Carts

Here at NatHire we have robust 2 tonne pallet trucks for hire –  are a simple pallet transportation solution for fairly even terrain. One-person operation, our manually operated pallet trucks for hire have a simple trigger function for lowering the forks. Easily manoeuvrable – these versatile pallet trucks can be rotated 360 degrees, making them a perfect solution for those awkward to reach areas.



Cobra Reel Hire

Our robust plastic / fibreglass cable reels for hire are ideal for pulling cables into ducts, threading draw ropes or even surveying drains a cost effective exercise. Practically designed, mobile and reliable – our 100m, 9mm cobra reels simply get the job done.



Block Grab Hire

Our mechanical scissor grabs for hire allow for easy transportation of materials such as kerb stones, vertically strapped paving blocks and slabs. Suitable for lifting pack sizes between 500mm and 1080mm.





Ground Guard System

A versatile access system for instant roadways, car parks, site compound and footpaths. These ground guard systems for hire are easy to use – they are simply locked into placed to provide a solid continuous roadway or platform. Eliminate damage to landscaped areas and lawns; each mat weighs only 39kg so can easily be handled by two people. Tread or smooth finish are available for this versatile ground system. Great for providing traction for vehicles crossing mud, sand or fragile ground. Joiners and ground anchors are also available.


Anti Skid Road Plates

Road plates are extremely useful as assistance to weak or unstable ground – where it needs strengthening under a heavy load, particularly where an area needs protecting from vehicular erosion or where an even surface is required to move equipment or machinery. Traditionally used for covering trenches or small excavations on roads or pavements.



Trench Guards Hire

Our new range of Trench-Guard panels have interlocking flanges that connect firmly together. Preventing common wear and tear that you find with other guards, our trench guards for hire are made from ultra tough plastic. Their matching rubber end ramps have a gentle slope on their edges, making them extra safe to use in pedestrian areas.



Ekki Mats Hire

These mats are suitable for vehicles with rubber tyres and should be laid to form a single track of either 3 or 5 meters wide. Used to evenly distribute approximately 21 tonnes for 3 meters an approximately 35 tonnes for 5 meters.




Tool Store Hire



To keep your tools safe and dry secure site tool storage is essential. Our range of tool stores for hire are suitable for a range of environments. Solid and well constructed our stores offer added protection for your tools, materials and equipment whether on-site or within a unit or vehicle. Supplied with integral lock and keys.



Pressure Washer Hire

Our heavy-duty pressure washers for hire are ideal for the toughest of jobs, including chemical spills and removing oil. Available in cold water (petrol), hot water high pressure and diesel cold water.





Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Hire



Our Hilti VC 40-U industrial vacuum cleaners for hire use the best Hilti air boost filter technology. Providing the most efficient high suction performance, and are easy to use thanks to their compact design. The robust housing of these industrial vacuum cleaners enable them to withstand the harshest site conditions. Due to placement of the filter – the 40kg tank is used to its capacity, and has an “easy to remove tank” for virtually dust-free removal.