Drum Roller / 4 Wheel Trailer

Choose between single drum roller trailers and 4 wheel trailers to hire. Our single drum Bomag trailers are specifically designed to carry single drum rollers whilst our larger 2600kg and 3500kg trailers from Indespension can tow a wider range of plant equipment and boast features such as bucket rests, extended drawbars and weight bearing mudguards. Here you can see our full range of plant hire equipment.

For larger projects we have ride-on double and single drum rollers to hire, give a greater compaction output – with benefits such as double traction and vibration, heated cabs, corrosion free water holding tanks and pressurised sprinkler systems. Affordable and reliable – whether you have a project to undertake at home, or a long-term project that requires professional, efficient machinery, our range of hand compactors and sit-on rollers never fail to deliver.

Single Drum Roller Trailer Hire

These single drum trailers for hire are specifically designed to carry Single Drum Rollers. Specifications are available from your local depot.

4 Wheel Trailer Hire

These trailers are built to meet the demands of the plant hire and construction industry with features including bucket rests, extended drawbars and weight bearing mudguards. Suitable for towing mini excavators, road rollers and small dumpers.
Some models are also available with 8′ single ramps. Trailer boards available subject to additional charge and availability.
Gross Weight: 2600Kg
Internal Body Dimensions (LxWxH): 2.52 x 1.26 x 0.27
Tyre Size: 165R13