Air Tools

Nationwide Air Tool Hire

We have a range of air tools to hire; ideal for a number of applications ranging from drilling to cutting and trenching. Lightweight yet powerful and easy to use, our range of air tools are capable of tackling a wide range of general site work from clay digging to light demolition or chiseling.

Browse our range of air tools and equipment for hire including drills, picks, demolition breakers and scabblers. To accompany our wide range of air tools for hire we have a selection of air tool accessories including air hoses, air lances and whiplash safety cables.

Below is our selection of air tools that we have available for hire anywhere in the UK. All products are available on short-term or long-term hire. Just give us a call for details.

Air Breaker Hire

Unbeatable portable power, no other type of breaker can deliver the same power to weight ratio. Transport to remote locations along with the power pack is easy making them the first choice for utility, local authority and rail contractors. Over 60% impact is absorbed without being passed onto the operator therefore minimising the danger of white finger through prolonged usage. This is done without any reduction in the tool’s striking power

Key Features

  • Fully Silenced.
  • Low Vibration.
  • Fuel efficient hydraulic power.
  • Simple and reliable operation.

Air Drills & Rock Drill Hire

A lightweight drill which can also double up as a light duty chaser. Ideal for surface preparation, electrical installation and drilling masonry

Key Features

  • Fully Silenced.
  • Low Vibration.
  • Fuel efficient hydraulic power.
  • Simple and reliable operation.

Air Grinder Hire

For economical grinding or cutting (with appropriate blades) they can be used for metal removal and weld blending, through to stock removal, cutting and roughing.
Key Features

  • 4″ Grinder can be used one-handed.
  • Movable support handle allows access to tight spots without any loss of control
  • Provides all the benefits of an air tool without any loss in performance
  • Rugged yet lightweight aluminium casing
  • Full range of blades available

Air Impact Wrenches

If you need to take the sweat out of troublesome nuts, look no further. These durable tools make light of repetitive tightening/loosening of bolts with all the benefits of an air tool.
Key Features

  • Forward and reverse rotation
  • Sockets available
  • Maximum output with minimum air consumption.

Air Needle Scaler

Ideal for cleaning and surface preparation for steel, concrete and masonry. Needle guns are fast and effective for many applications.
Key Features

  • Rubber gripped for comfort.
  • Lightweight, good for walls.
  • Get right into corners and recesses.
  • Choice of needle styles to suit job.
  • Low vibration levels.
  • Needles can be bought as a consumable from each depot

Air Hoses & Whiplash Safety Cables

Supplied in 15 metre lengths, these hoses come complete with male and female couplings and whiplash safety cables.

Hose Diameter: 19mm (3/4″)

Hose Length: 15m


Air Tunnelling Picks

The SK12 is used for many applications including trenching, pile capping, tunnelling and light demolition work. Heavy-duty versions of the Dempick, these tools are specifically designed for tunnelling work but are equally well-suited to arduous working conditions.

Key Features

  • Takes round collar shank steels.
  • Creates less breakout force than conventional Demolition Picks.
  • Weight : 13kg
  • Shank “O” Shank : 25mm x 75mm
  • Air Consumption : 37.1CFM
  • Noise: 106dB(A)

Air Soil Picks

Long-handled air tool which allows safe and efficient excavation. A powerful air jet is used to loosen ground when directed.

Designed for working around utility pipes or cables.

Brass air valve means no sparks (can be used around gas pipes in complete safety).

Air Scabblers (Floor & Handheld)

Floor Scabblers

These multi-head scabblers, incorporated in a single unit, offer the most effective method for floor preparation, (such as providing a non-slip surface). All machines are wheel-mounted for transportation and scabbling action allows them to move smoothly when in use. Multi-head scabblers use an aggressive hammering action to break up surface material. Perfect for level reduction of concrete or surface preparation where a deep texture is required.

Key Features

  • Remove laitance or coatings.
  • Reduce levels and expose aggregates.
  • Variety of bits available (5 point, 9 point or 4 point cross bits).
  • Deep keyed surfaces for toppings.
  • Reliable pneumatic operation.
  • Vibration dampened handles allow extended working periods.

Handheld Scabblers

A range of tools to tackle tough surface cleaning and preparation jobs on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Triple head models for increased productivity on larger areas.

Key Features

  • The Pogo Scabblers allows operator to reach awkward spots.
  • All tools are balanced to allow smooth use through scabbling action.
  • Remove old coatings on any hard surfaces before re-painting.
  • Remove damaged concrete prior to repairs.
  • Clean up shutting marks.
  • The Anti-Vibration Pogo Scabbler reduces risk of operator harm.