Acoustic Solutions

NatHire provide cost-effective acoustic solutions wherever in the UK you are. Designed to control noise break-out from plant and site activities in noise-sensitive environments. Our professional team are on hand, whether you need consultancy and design costs for soundproofing a building, or an fully enclosed acoustic enclosure to reduce the sound levels of machinery. Our acoustic solutions include:

Curtain Panel

Acoustic Quilts

Acoustic Enclosures

Heavy Duty Acoustic Structures

Monitoring Equipment

Bespoke Acoustic Boxes

Throughout the UK, NatHire provide cost-effective solutions to reduce noise breakout from plant and site activities. Acoustic quilts act as a sound barrier to reduce site noise by up to 26dB. Our professional team can assist, whether you need consultancy and design costs for a long-term project or a simple acoustic enclosure for a temporary site. Our acoustic hire solutions have a wide-range of uses, externally for example they are useful around generators, during demolition or street works – where noise reduction is vital. Internally, acoustic sound curtains can be used where refurbishment work is taking place in offices for example.

We understand the importance of good site management – our acoustic solutions provide an effective noise control resolution – helping to improve the image of construction sites across the UK.